Manchester Night Drone Footage


Experience the breathtaking beauty of Manchester like never before with our 4K drone footage, captured under the enchanting night sky. This video offers a unique aerial perspective of Manchester’s iconic landmarks and vibrant cityscape, all illuminated beautifully at night. Perfect for content creators, marketers, and anyone in need of royalty-free, high-quality drone footage of Manchester. […]

Lake Como, Italy

A visit to Camo it Italy and views of the unspoilt beauty of the surround area. Filmed from the air. History: Lake Como is a long, narrow glacial lake located in the Lombardy region of Italy. The lake is famous for its spectacular scenery, luxurious resorts, and charming towns. The origin of the lake dates […]

London, U.K


Views from the Shard in London, September 2020. Looking towards tower bridge and the Tower of London you can then see further afield.

Lisbon, Portugal

Mylo Kaye Aerial Lisbon 2020

Mylo traveled to Lisbon, Portugal im June and July 2020, in the height of the pandemic. Throughout the trip Mylo visited Porto, Christo Rei, Sintra and downtown Lisbon. Mylo captured some beautiful shots of uninterrupted Sintra, and bustling downtown Lisbon on the DJI Mavic Air 2, all in gorgeous 4K.